January 03, 2013

Where Did The New Year Go!

Everyone hopes the New Year comes in with a bang.  Well, sometimes you better be careful what you wish for, or it could be the most Awesome Bang ever!  Its been a super time of year as we all know.  The holidays come and go, and the whirlwind of activity can put us in a time warp to rival The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

We've been going on overdrive as of late.  In the coming weeks there will be approximately 18 days spent on the road in the next 30 days.  Cyclocross Nationals starts next week, and the plans we've made have technically been attempted before...as best we can tell.  Next week, we'll effectively be opening a running bike shop at a National Championship event, that is open to anyone who wants the service.  Its a paid service, but nothing thats gonna break you bank, just honest fair rates for services rendered.  Then there's the heated barn, trainers to use, and power washer that will be available.  Service Fees will be listed on a Service Menu available at the race and there will be a link to a downloadable/printable version at the bottom of this post. 

On the subject of Nationals and all the amazing support we've received, Id like to take a moment and Thank a couple of awesome companies who have partnered with us to help provide a great experience. 
  • Dumonde Tech Racing Oils:  Dumonde Tech will be the lube/grease of choice for us at Nationals.  They have a proven track record of making absolutely The Best products on the market. , if a bicycle chain lube is good enough to be used as gun oil...wouldn't you wanna give it a whirl?!
  • energybits:  This company hasn't been around very long, but they are making waves where ever they turn up.  We'll be fueled by their "Energybits" tabs, and will have both samples to pass out as well as a Product Code for a 15% discount on any of their products!  They'll be with us both here and at Cyclocross World Champs in Louisville KY!  Information will be available at Nationals and we're looking forward to not having to use coffee to stay up all week while working on bikes!
  • Soul Run:  This awesome little start up out of Nederland Colorado will be having a couple products put thru the ringer both at Nationals and at Worlds.  Look for reviews coming in Cyclocross Magazine after both events have finished.  We're super excited about getting the word out about them!
The other bit of news is that I, speaking as SCS now, have started to write for CX Magazine, online, in their tech department.  Its been really exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  I'm excited to be a part of this group of people, and look forward to what comes in the future.  Big Thanks, again, go out to Molly Hurford over there! 

With that, its time to wrap this up for the time being.  Over the next few weeks, there will be lots of tweets and photos going out.  Remember to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Click HERE for the downloadable Nationals/Worlds Service Menu.
  Hope to see Everyone there!
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